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Leg Lifts are great lower ab exercises. Create a great ab workout by rotating in some of the following techniques. 

Basic Leg Lift
Level: beginner
Muscle: lower rectus abdominus

   1. Lay on your back on the floor or an exercise mat with either your hands under your buttocks or holding something sturdy behind your head
   2. Keeping legs straight, elevate your legs together to almost vertical (stopping short of vertical keeps the resistance on your abs for the entire exercise) focusing on flexing your abs and pushing your back to the floor
   3. Lower legs until your heels are just above the floor but not touching
   4. Perform three sets of 10-25 repetitions

Advanced Leg Lifts
Level: advanced
Muscle: lower rectus abdominus
For a more challenging leg lift, perform the exercise on a decline bench or off the end of a bench so your legs can travel past horizontal. The hyperextension of the ab muscles will deliver better/faster results, but don’t perform this exercise unless you already have a strong core to support the movement. 
This leg lifts exercise must be done slowly without jerky movements. Care should be taken so that momentum is not recruited into the movement. People with spinal injuries must not work out this exercise as it incurs more stress on the backbone. 

Leg Lifts are great lower ab exercises