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                                       is written by nutritionist David Grotto who is also the author of 101 Foods That Can Save Your Life.In this book Grotto addresses 30 common health conditions and outlines how you can introduce healing foods to your diet through delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes.
Healing Foods Diet Basics

In the first part of 101 Optimal Life Foods, Grotto categorizes the 30 health problems into seven major health challenges and explains how to overcome them by selecting specific foods.

   1. The Skin You’re In

      In this section Grotto explains how foods rich in vitamin C and eggs can improve the appearance of your skin in conditions such as teenage acne and aging, damaged skin.

   2. How to Go with the Flow

      Learn to improve your circulation and find relief from cold feet and hands through the catechins that are found in green tea.

   3. The House of Pain

      Grotto outlines how healing foods like salmon and mushrooms can sooth tired and aching muscles. This section also addresses migraine headaches and nerve pain.

   4. How it’s All About Performance

      This section highlights foods to reduce stress (spinach), improve your sleep (bananas and lettuce) and enhance sexual performance (blueberries).

   5. Your Plumbing

      Grotto addresses constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and urinary tract infections. Discover why passionfruit is good for your heart and how cinnamon can cure bad breath.

   6. A Good Foundation

      Learn about the healing foods that can help to assist with the management of arthritis and build your bones such as prunes and onions.

   7. Eyes for the Future

      In this section foods are highlighted that improve eye health and prevent the risk of age-related macular degeneration such as pistachios, almonds, avocados and kiwi fruit.

The second part of the book includes detailed meal plans for the specific health conditions as well as an extensive selection of recipes. The meal plans contain three meals and two snacks and provide about 2000 calories per day.

Recommended Foods

Blueberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, apples, bananas, mango, pomegranate, pears, passionfruit, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pecans, cranberries, cherries, avocado, beans, barley, oatmeal, wild rice, cocoa, yam, squash, eggs, salmon, shrimp, tilapia, salmon, chicken, yogurt, green tea, rosemary.

Healing Foods Diet Basics,101 Optimal Life Food