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is an eating program created by nutritionist Adele Puhn.

The basic philosophy of the diet is that by managing blood sugar you will eliminate your cravings for unhealthy foods such as sugar, starches, caffeine and alcohol. Once you create stable blood sugar you will no longer be subject to extreme fluctuations in your energy, which are often a trigger for overeating or indulging in the wrong kinds of food.
Blood Sugar Diet Basics

The diet is carefully designed to regulate your blood sugar levels so that your cravings will disappear. The Miracle Diet program is not actually a five-day diet but rather five days is the amount of time it takes in order to stabilize your blood sugar.

Puhn explains in detail exactly what foods you should be eating and at what times. The diet involves three main meals as well as three or four small snacks daily.

There are strict rules regarding the timing of meals.

    * Breakfast should be eaten within thirty minutes of getting out of bed.
    * Lunch must be eaten before 1 pm and dinner should be eaten no later than 7 pm
    * You must eat snacks as often as required between meals so that you never go more than three hours without eating. This means that you will have one or two small snacks between breakfast and lunch as well as one or two snacks in the afternoon.
    * Breakfast consists of a combination of protein and complex carbohydrate while lunch and dinner includes protein and vegetables. Between meal snacks are low glycemic index fruits and vegetables such as apple, celery and melon.
    * Dieters are advised to avoid certain foods that have a high glycemic index such as yogurt, bananas, grapes and bagels. Foods high on the glycemic index are to be avoided such as eating a plain bagel for breakfast, pasta for lunch or grapes by themselves as a snack.

All of the rules of the Blood Sugar Regulating Diet must be followed exactly otherwise you will need to start the program from the beginning. Once you have stabilized on the plan occasional indulges are permitted.

The 5 Day Miracle Diet says that 75% of losing weight is physiological while the remaining 25% is linked to emotional and behavioral patterns. The author gives dieters tools to address both of these elements so as to enable them to lose weight, boost energy levels and improve health.
Recommended Foods

Egg whites, chicken breast, turkey, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers, celery, apple, orange, cantaloupe, strawberries.

The Miracle Diet program