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Ori Hofmekler developed The Anti-Estrogenic Diet  for both men and women with signs of estrogen imbalances. In women these may include classic hormonal conditions such as PMS, endometriosis, fibroids and menopausal symptoms and in men it may show up as prostate disorders and a reduced sperm count.

More general signs and symptoms such as an inability to lose stubborn abdominal fat, reduced libido, chronic fatigue and a reduction in the ability to tolerate stress may also indicate an estrogen imbalance. Hofmekler explains that estrogenic chemicals may be found in the diet in foods such as meat, beer, fruit and vegetables treated with pesticides, soy foods, and artificial sweeteners. Synthetic forms of estrogen called xenoestrogens are also found in cosmetics, cleaning products, air and water.
Anti-Estrogenic Diet Basics

anti-estrogenic-diet The plan is based on eliminating estrogenic foods and chemicals while adding anti-estrogenic foods, herbs and spices. Hofmekler also states that our bodies are designed to digest foods when we are at rest rather than at more stressful and active times of the day. He advises dieters to eat lightly during the day and to eat their largest meals in the evening. There are three phases to the diet: The first phase is a liver detoxification program that emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables (especially cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli), low-fat yogurt, organic eggs, beans, whole grains, wild-caught fish and aged cheese.

In the second phase dieters introduce foods that have a specific anti-estrogenic effect. Olives and raw nuts and seeds are added to the phase one diet and this higher fat diet provides nourishment to the hormonal systems of the body. The third phase allows meat, bread and pasta to be reintroduced into the diet in the evening meal only. Every other day dieters are advised to adopt either a phase one or two dietary approach.
Recommended Foods

Specific foods that have an anti-estrogenic effect include cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts), citrus fruits, organic milk products, nuts, avocados, eggs, coffee and tea. Organic foods are to be selected whenever possible Hofmekler also advises the use of supplements to increase the effectiveness of the program by inhibiting estrogen and enhancing liver detoxification.

Anti-Estrogenic Diet for both men and women